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2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya

Friends, Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and...

Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 - Feb 27 - AceCrumbleFernFloraTykeSabrinaTessShelbyBernWinterAngelBoozhooSpiritMaxPepsi


This is a combined fund for 15 pups rescued in Romania. Ace, Crumble, Fern, Flora, and Tyke are siblings who were born on the streets. They are in need of funds for a full set of vaccines, internal and external parasite treatments, microchips, and passports - all that is needed for them to continue on the road to forever families. Mama dog Sabrina was rescued right at the brink of giving birth. Sabrina needs funds for vaccines, a spay, and parasite treatment. Sabrina's babies: Tess, Shelby, Bern, Winter, and Angel need a full set of vaccines, internal and external parasite treatments, microchips, and passports. Lastly, siblings Spirit and Boozhoo, and Max and Pepsi are hoping you would help them with funds for sterilizations.

Please consider making a donation to these sweet 15 and help them on their journey of rescue. Contribute here:

Winter has been adopted thanks to your support!

Adorable Bern has been adopted!

The puppies full albums on Facebook can be found below:
















Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2014 - Feb 24 - Kango


Kango is a sad puppy rescued from a terribly neglectful situation. There used to be two puppies, Kango and his brother. Their owner decided two dogs were too much of a bother and shot Kango's brother. Kango himself was kept in a small dark room in a barn with basically no sunlight or opportunities to run. He was fed infrequently and likely never proper food. The bones of his legs have bent out of shape due to malnutrition and lack of exercise. In addition, Kango has very severe mange and multiple skin sores which are open, gaping wounds. 

Kango's recovery will be long and hard. We can only hope that his body will be able to fully bounce back and make up for the awful neglect during his formative months. 

Kango's complete album:

Thanks to your support Kango recovered completely and turned into a gorgeous, very loved pup!

Friday, February 10, 2017

2015 - April 8 - Riley


Meet Riley. This sweet boy was rescued from the streets of Romania. He was scared and alone and the volunteer rescuers saved his life by taking him away from an existence filled with abuse, suffering, deprivation, and disease. However, Riley needs a little more help. This adorable big pup has been limping and in pain. The rescuers took him in for testing and exams and it turns out Riley has hip dysplasia and cartilage detachment. Unfortunately, surgery itself won't be sufficient to correct the problem and Riley would still be in pain. Over time, he would keep doing damage to his leg and keep losing mobility as well. The solution for Riley is basically hip replacement - a complex surgery which involves the implantation of a hip prosthesis. This way Riley will be able to walk free of pain and without losing his leg.

This sweet boy has the potential for a long and happy life ahead of him. And he needs out help in becoming healthy enough to be adopted. Please donate any amount you can spare to poor Riley and share his fundraiser. Let's show this adorable soul that he matters and is loved! 

Thanks to your support Riley had successful surgery, recovered fully, and has been adopted in the UK!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 - Feb 8 - Rosie


Pup Rosie needs a third surgery. This is the little sweetie whom we helped earlier this year with funds for her first two surgeries after she was hit by a car and left for dead on the streets of Bulgaria. It is a miracle that Rosie was able to drag herself away from traffic to the side of the road. With a shattered pelvis, many beings would simply give up. But Rosie wanted to live! Your help allowed this sweetie to start the path to recovery but a third surgery is needed to allow her to walk and have full control of her bladder and bowels, all of which were impacted by the pelvic injury. 

Thanks to your support, Rosie had 3 (!) successful surgeries and recovered to the point where she is already able to run!


Meet Rosie from Bulgaria. This sweet little girl is no older than 5 or 6 months and was likely born on the streets. She had somehow managed to survive so far. Until yesterday when she was hit by a car. And the person just kept on driving while the poor pup somehow dragged herself to the side of the road. Rosie sustained horrendous injuries. Her pelvic area is shattered and she is completely unable to stand or walk. She will require at least two surgeries to patch her bones together and extensive rehabilitation. Thankfully, Rosie has sensitivity in her limbs so the doctors are very optimistic that given proper treatment she will be able to walk again.

Rosie's album:

After much rehabilitation thanks to your support, Rosie has been happily adopted!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 - Feb 4 - Alegra


Meet Alegra. She is a gentle dog rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. Alegra has been homeless likely all her life, people in the neighborhood would give her some food so she wouldn't starve. But one day they saw her unable to move - Alegra had likely been hit by a car. They called the rescuers and took Alegra to the vet. Unfortunately, the sweet pup has fractures in two places on her pelvis and a fractured back leg. She will need extensive treatment and rehabilitation so she can walk again.

Please join us in raising the funds for Alegra's vet treatment. Let's give her a chance at health and finally having a home of her own. Contribute here:

Alegra's complete album:

Thanks to your support, Alegra has been adopted and is very loved!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 - Feb 2 - Melanie


We met kitty Melanie earlier this year. She was rescued from the streets with a spinal fracture and an old leg fracture. She had been dragging herself for a while and had open wounds on her legs. Poor sweetie barely survived her first surgery and needs a second procedure to address her incontinence and so she can walk again. It is a very complex process piecing together this little sweetie's body and we are in awe of the veterinary surgeons who are able to save her. Please donate today to Melanie's second surgery fund, let's help her be whole again and finally have the life she deserves:


Meet Melanie. The poor kitty was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria where she was barely surviving given her injuries. The sweet girl has a spinal fracture as well as an old leg fracture. She was not really able to move or clean herself and her bladder and intestines were affected by the spinal trauma. As a result, at the time of rescue, Melanie was incontinent and had a badly infected rectal area. So much suffering in a small body! 

The vets are hopeful that given immediate surgery Melanie will be able to survive and walk again. As always, the wonderful vets have gone ahead and started treatment on credit to save the kitty's life. 

Melanie's album: