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2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya

Friends, Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 - Feb 24 - Forty

Meet Forty. His story is beyond sad, a horrifying example of human cruelty and indifference. Forty was homeless in Bulgaria, living near the beach where he would occasionally come across food scraps from the nearby restaurants. Forty was somehow surviving. Today, was his very, very unlucky day. Forty was hit by a car. Instead of seeking help, the driver who hit Forty, picked up the pup's... body and threw him in the sea! As details about this are being uncovered, it turns out the poor badly injured pup was being tossed around by the shallow current for nearly 4 hours, on the verge of drowning, before he was pulled out of the water and taken to the vet! Amazingly, Forty did not end up with massive amounts of water in his lungs. He does, however, have pelvic and leg fractures and needs surgery and rehabilitation.

Please join us in raising the funds for the poor dog's treatment. His suffering was unthinkable. Let's show Forty not all humans are cruel! Contribute here:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 - Feb 19 - Sophie

Meet Sophie. She's a sweet doggie rescued from the streets of Romania. We have no idea how long Sophie has been homeless - quite possibly all her life. Thanks to the rescuers, she has been taken in to the safety of foster care and after some basic vet attention will be looking for a new home. Please donate today to the modest fund to get Sophie spayed:

Sophie's album:

2016 - Feb 12 - Cherie

Meet Cherie. She is a sweet doggie homeless on the streets of Romania. Like so many others, she struggled to survive, scavenging for food and never having shelter of her own. Unfortunately, Cherie ended up in an area where neighbors reported she was being mistreated by a local person. The rescuers took Cherie in and will help her find a safe, loving forever home. In the meantime, Cherie is in need of funds for a spay, internal and external parasite treatment, vaccines, and a microchip. Please consider making a donation to this sweetie's journey of rescue:

2016 - Feb 12 - Princess

This is a very modest fund for pup Princess rescued in Romania. Princess was rescued from the streets where she had been hit by a car that broke her leg. Given the sweet girl's demeanor, it is very likely she was abused while homeless which is why she now takes a long time to trust strangers. Thankfully, Princess is safe in the care of the rescuers and on the road to a loving forever home. Princess is hoping you will help fund her spay by making a donation today:

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Friday, February 5, 2016

2015 - Jan 15 - 3 orphans

This is harder to post than the average story we see in our rescue work. Today on the streets of Bulgaria people saw a sad homeless dog dragging herself by the strength of her front legs only, with determination in the midst of the pain. She had just been hit by a car and her spine was fractured in half. But this poor soul was a mama dog. And in her last moments, in spite of her own suffering, she... tried to get back to her babies.

The people who saw this horribly injured but determined dog followed her. And then found 3 little babies awaiting their mama, not understanding what was going on. The little homeless family was taken to the vet but the examination showed mama was inoperably injured. The vets freed her from the pain that would have taken a few hours to slowly kill her. The 3 orphaned babies now need our help in funding their full vet testing, parasite treatment, baby food, and observation. Please join us in helping these poor babies. Their mama is at Rainbow Bridge now and they need a hand in having a better future than she did. Donate here:

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2015 - Jan 8 - Lassi

This is the sad story of pup Lassi rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. She was found in a small town, barely able to move in the midst of deep snow. At first the rescuers thought she was close to freezing to death. Upon approaching her, they realized it was far more serious - Lassi couldn't use her back legs! She was immediately taken to the vet and the terrible finding was that Lassi ...had been shot in the spine with a BB gun! The amazing vets we work with started on immediate spinal surgery: they believe there is some hope that Lassi should be able to walk again!

Please consider donating to the treatment and rehabilitation of this poor soul. Lassi deserves a chance to be healthy again and finally find love! Contribute here:

Complete album:

2015 - Jan 6 - Denissa

Denissa is a sweet pup rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. She was found scared and hungry, desperately looking for someone to help her feel safe. It turns out that poor Denissa is also sick - she is infected with anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis, two illnesses which each can be deadly to a homeless soul. Please consider making a donation to Denissa's treatment, let's help this sweet girl be well again! Contribute here:

Complete album:

Thanks to your support, Denissa recovered fully and is happy in her forever home

2015 - Jan 2 - Dani, Anuk, Aria

This is the combined fund for 3 adorable sisters, Dani, Anuk, and Aria. These sweet babies were found inside a carboard box abandoned by the entrance of a vet clinic in Bulgaria. Their story and how and when they started their lives is unknown. Amazingly, the babies are relatively healthy and only are suffering from terrible amounts of internal parasites. We raised the funds to help Dani, Anuk, and Aria get internal and external parasite treatment, vaccines, and a vet exam.

Complete album:

2016 - Jan 2 - Pippi

Meet Pippi, our first case for 2016. Pippi is about 5 months old but only weighs a 1.5 pounds! The reason for that is that this poor soul living on the streets of Bulgaria has a very severe infection of her mouth and gums and is in tremendous pain any time she eats. Not that being homeless and so young gives her access to much food. Left untreated, the infection has become so severe that... it has now reached begun impacting her jaw bones. Please consider making a donation to Pippi's treatment. She needs all of our help to survive and have a chance to thrive:

Pippi's album:

2016 - Jan 5 - Bonnie

Meet Bonnie. She is only 5 or 6 months old and rescued in Bulgaria. The poor kitty was abandoned for euthanasia at the vet and we don't know what life she lived or why she ended up with her horrible injury. You see, Bonnie has a spinal fracture! The poor kitty was immobile and in danger of the spinal cord itself being severed. The rescuers acted quickly and the vets operated on credit. A...s a result, Bonnie will live and walk again! Please join us in raising the funds for this sweet baby's spinal surgery and recovery. Let's give her a fresh start in life and a chance at being safe and loved:


2016- Jan 7 - Mircho

This is the story of Mircho. He is approximately 3 years old and likely has spent all his life on the streets. A couple of days ago he was found in terrible pain and taken to the vet by the rescuers. The poor kitty had diaphragmatic hernia and needed immediate surgery in order to move his internal organs back to their normal spots so he can breathe! Nobody knows how Mircho ended up in a state but was most likely kicked, as so often happens to the poor homeless souls who are seen as a nuisance.

Please help us raise the funds for Mircho's surgery. Let's help him have a fresh start in life and a chance at health and love! Donate here:

Complete album:

Adorable Mircho recovered completely and has been adopted!

2016 - Jan 8 - Ivy

Meet Ivy. She is only a few months old and was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria. Aside from the usual suffering and deprivation, poor Ivy encountered a horror only she truly knows about which literally cut off a portion of one of her legs. We don't know what caused this injury but the wound has dried up which means it is older and tiny Ivy has had to live with it for a while. The pain... is not even imaginable!

There is no way to save Ivy's leg at this point. We are hoping you will help us raise the funds for Ivy's amputation surgery so she is no longer dragging a half leg and the wound has a proper chance to heal:

Complete album:

Ivy has been happily adopted into a loving home! The family who adopted her also adopted kitty Rory in 2015 after Rory's front leg left needed to be amputated due to an injury. The two tripod kitties are best friends!

2016 - Jan 13 - Ivanka

Meet Ivanka. The sweet, gentle girl had been homeless on the streets of Bulgaria all her life. Kind people from the neighborhood would check in on her and bring her food scraps when they could. Unfortunately, like all homeless animals, Ivanka was exposed to many dangers and ended up hit by a car. Thankfully, she didn't sustain any internal organ damage but did experience a severe luxatio...n of her hip which requires surgery. As is always the case with the wonderful vets with whom we partner, Ivanka had her surgery on credit and is expected to make a full recovery!

Please help us raise the funds for this sweetie's procedure, testing, and rehabilitation. Let's give Ivanka a chance at health and love! Donate here:

Complete album:

2016 - Jan 18 - Riska

Meet Riska. She was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria where she likely lived her entire life. A life of deprivation and suffering. But little did Riska know, the suffering would get unbearable! We can only guess that the injury Riska was found with was as a result of being hit by a car. She was found with a horribly mangled leg, broken in many spots, lots of skin missing. There is no ...way to save the leg and the vets will need to amputate and hope they can save Riska's life.

Please join us in raising the funds for this poor girl's surgery. Let's give Riska a chance at health and safety! Donate here:

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2016 - Jan 20 - Valentina

Meet Valentina. This sweet girl was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. A kind person saw the emaciated sweetie hanging around a hot dog stand, hoping someone would share a few bites of food with her. Instead, a man kicked Valentina so hard that she fell down the nearby stairs! Thankfully, the bystander was able to scoop up the pup and connect with the rescuers.

Valentina is probably ...around 8 years old, likely homeless all her life. Hard as life on the streets is, it has been particularly rough for Valentina. The poor sweetie is sick with a bad case of mange and is infected with ehrlichiosis. Please join us in raising the funds for her treatment, let's give Valentina a chance to finally be well and safe! Donate here:

Complete album:

11/27/2016 - Valentina stopped by to show off her holiday spirit. She is greatly loved in her forever home!

2016 - Jan 27 - Amelie

Meet Amelie. The poor pup was picked up off the streets of Bulgaria and taken into a county shelter. Unfortunately, shelters in that part of the world are horrible places of neglect. Amelie was held at the shelter with no medical attention and being nearly starved, like so many others. The rescuers pulled Amelie from the shelter and into their care as they feared she might not be able to... survive.

You see, Amelie is ill. She has a tumor of the mammary glands which requires surgery. And all of this was neglected at the county shelter. Please help us raise the funds for this sweetie's surgery and rehabilitation. Let's give Amelie the chance at survival and love that she deserves. Donate here:

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