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2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya

Friends, Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and...

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2014 - Louisa

Such an amazing, amazing transformation! This is what love and rescue make possible!!! This is kitty Louisa, whom we helped a while back. She was horribly mangled and so close to losing a limb and even her life. Thanks to your support, she has been very happy in her forever home for many months. We are so thrilled for you, Louisa!

Complete album:

2014 - Sad boy

Rescued from the streets of Romania, likely used for fighting judging by his wounds. You helped fund his neuter!

2014 - Sad girl

Technically, she has owners in Romania and they are unwilling to surrender her to the rescuers. But she lives a sad and neglected life. At the very least, the rescuers obtained permission to get her spayed and she is now sterilized thanks to AAI's donors

2014 - Milo

Milo was rescued with leg trauma and his treatment was funded by your support. Thank you so much for helping this adorable boy on his journey of rescue!

Milo's full album:

2014 - Mila

Pup Mila from Serbia was rescued with horrible bite wounds. We helped with her treatment and now she is completely recovered and loving her new lease on life! Thank you for making this possible!

2014 - Nora

Nora is a small kitty rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. She was found with both her back legs badly mangled. It's anyone's guess what happened to Nora to cause such injuries. Sadly, one leg needed to be immediately amputated. The vets are fighting very hard to save Nora's other leg.

Please donate to help us fund Nora's surgeries. We don't know what her chances of survival are but we want to give her a chance to live. Donate here:

Nora's album:

2014 - Sue


Sue is a sweet doggie rescued from the streets of St. Vincent. She was living literally in a gutter and was so scared of humans that it took the rescuers 3 weeks to be able to finally safely capture her. Upon a completion of a vet exam, Sue was diagnosed with tick fever, mange, internal and external parasites. We raised the funds for her treatment!

2014 - Marky


Marky is a sweet doggie rescued in St. Vincent. Locals saw him wandering around a beach for a few days and contacted the rescuers. Upon some investigation, the rescuers learned that Marky was brought to the beach by his former owners and simply abandoned there! Marky stayed in the same area for an entire week, waiting for his family to come back for him!

Aside from being scared, confused, and very hungry, it turns out that Marky was also very sick with tick fever. It is quite possible his owners knew he was sick and dumped him exactly for that reason. Marky's blood results on admission were so bad, the vets were not sure he would pull through. Please help us raise the funds for this sweet boy's treatment. Let's give Marky a chance at a new life filled with safety and love. Donate here:

2014 - Charlie

The amazing transformation of Charlie, made possible by funds raised by AAI: Charlie was shot in the back and was found paralyzed! Your support allowed him to have life-saving surgery and now he is healthy, able to walk, and happily adopted!

Charlie's album:

2014 - Mutzi

Mutzi finally has a permanent place at the table!!! This sweet girl was rescued from the streets in December after she had been hit by a car AND it turned out she was pregnant! Thanks to AAI's support, mama Mutzi and her babies completely recovered. The babies already have homes and now Mutzi herself has been adopted! YAY!

Mutzi and the babies' album:

2014 - Charley

Charley was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria with eyes so badly infected, they had to be completely removed. Thanks to your support, she healed completely and has been happily adopted in the UK for a long time now! She is deeply loved and cared for 

2014 - Dobrica

Dobrica was rescued from the train tracks of Serbia where he had been hit by a train! The dog next to Dobrica (they must have been crossing together) was literally cut in half by the train. Thanks to funds raised by Animal Aid International. Dobrica recovered completely and is on the road to a happy life of safety and love!

2014 - Belka

Mama dog Belka was rescued in Bulgaria together with her litter of puppies when the babies were still very young and sick with parvo. The family was in horrible conditions, mama herself was sick and emaciated. With your support, AAI fought for the lives of these poor souls. We lost a couple of the pups to parvo but the rest recovered as did mama and all have been in forever homes for some time. The photo on the right is an update from Belka's forever home. The sweet mama dog is very loved and has become the best friend and protector of the family's young daughter who has a disability. Love knows no bounds. Love knows to species. Thank you, sweet mama, for being our inspiration for resilience and a pure heart. 

2014 - Liam

Kitty Liam was rescued as a baby with terrible burns on the underside of his body. Thanks to your support, he received treatment and recovered fully. He has been very happy and loved in his forever home and has grown so much. Yay, Liam! <3

Complete album:

2014 - Milen

Milen was rescued after he was hit by a car and sustained a pelvic and leg fractures. Thanks to your support, he is now fully healed and very happy with his adoptive family!

Milen's album:

2014 - Avgustina

An awesome before and after: this is Avgustina. She was found emaciated, with severe skin illness, and a dead leg she was dragging around. Thanks to your support, she recovered completely, had safe amputation surgery, and is now adopted in a loving home in Germany!!! Be very, very happy sweet girl!

Complete album:

2014 - Dec 8 - Flekica


Flekica is an adorable pup rescued from the streets of Serbia. She was found weak and dehydrated. An exam by the vet confirmed the serious diagnosis - the tick-borne illness babesiosis. Flekica's body was very weakened by the disease upon her rescue so it has taken two full courses of treatment for her to start to stabilize. With your support, this sweet girl can continue on her journey of rescue. We raised the funds for her treatment!


2014 - Djudje

Djudje was found inside a tied trash bag, left at the dump. He had been shot, his spine affected, and his back legs paralyzed. Djudje was left to die inside that bag. Thanks to the rescuers and your support, Djudje had surgery to try and save his life. A few days after the procedure, he was already showing his will to live and trying oh so hard to walk: After much rehabilitation, you can barely tell how incredibly injured he was at time of rescue: And today, in this photo, Djudje is relaxing in his forever home. THIS is what your support makes possible. Thank you!!! 

2014 - Totty

Tiny Totty was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria with a broken leg - the joint protruding from his body! Thanks to your support, he recovered completely and is happy adopted!

Totty now

Complete album:

2014 - Borie

Borie was rescued with head trauma, seizures, pancreatitis... Thanks to your support, the sweet girl recovered completely and is now happily adopted!