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2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya

Friends, Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 - June 21 - Odie


This is the horrible story of Odie. Odie is a poor soul who was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria. He was probably starving and trying to look for some sustenance and a horrible person decided Odie was a nuisance. Odie was beaten with a heavy object. He sustained a horrible head injury which quickly started to necrotize. One of his ears is barely attached to his head. Odie has a broken jaw and in addition to this all, is sick with ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. We absolutely want to help this poor dog recover and have a chance at actual love and a home. Odie was just taken into care and emergency procedures started. His prognosis and full estimate of treatment cost will need to be updated but we didn't want to wait a single day before sharing his horrible ordeal and asking for your help in donating to his vet care. Please help Odie today:

Odie's album:

2017 - June 21 - Dimitar


Meet Dimitar. He is a sweet little pup, no older than a mere 1 year, who was hit by a car on the streets of Bulgaria. The poor boy was in so much pain, he couldn't even drag himself away from traffic, a kind stranger who saw what happened stood by him and contacted the rescuers. Dimitar has a badly fractured leg and will need surgery but is expected to make full recovery and be able to walk again. Please join us today in raising the funds for his surgery and rehabilitation. Donate today:

Dimitar's album:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 - June 20 - Rocky


Meet Rocky. We gave this poor guy a strong name in the hope that he is a survivor. Rocky was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria and sustained severe trauma to the head - he was likely kicked repeatedly. Rocky has brain swelling, torn eye lids, and is currently blind. The vets are hoping that as the brain swelling goes down Rocky would be able to recover at least a little of his vision. Please join us in raising the funds for the vet treatment of this poor boy and giving him a chance to be safe and loved. Donate to Rocky here:

Rocky's complete album:

Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 - June 12 - Flora, Shelby, Sarah, Angel, Tess, Nina, Szilard, Sepi, Fetita


Please join us in raising the combined funds for 9 dogs in the care of the rescuers in Romania. Sisters Shelby, Angel, and Tess were born in foster care. As they are getting ready for forever homes, they need funds for spays. Pup Flora was born on the streets to a different litter and she is ready for a spay as well. She has recovered from the skin condition the treatment of which you funded - thank you! Pup Sarah has been in foster care for a while - she is sweet but a bit more shy and there hasn't been an adopter interested in her yet. Sarah needs funds for an annual vaccine. The other 4 pups are Nina, Szilard, Sepi, and Fetita who live at a nearby cemetery and whom the rescuers take care of. There are just not enough foster home spots at this point, unfortunately, The 4 cemetery pups are due for internal and external parasite treatment so they remain healthy. Please join us in helping these 9 sweet souls by donating today.

The pups' albums:










Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017 - June 3 - Bunny


Meet tiny Bunny. He is a sweet little baby found on the streets of Bulgaria with his loving homeless mama cat. Very quickly the rescuers noticed Bunny was not walking quite right - his back legs were bending and spreading in very unusual ways as he was hobbling about. It turns out little Bunny was born with a skeletal abnormality. If left untreated, his back legs will continue to get more deformed and he will stop being able to walk at all. If surgery is done, Bunny's legs can be made functional. Even as a grown cat he will have an unusual walk but will otherwise be able to have a healthy and happy long life. Please help us raise the funds for this sweet tiny boy so he can be well and grow up to have a normal life. Donate here:

Bunny's struggle to walk:

Bunny's complete album: