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2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya

Friends, Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 - Dec 23 - Pebbles, Fetita


This is a combined fund for pups Pebbles and Fetita from Romania. Pebbles is a young sweetie who was found wandering a path by a river. He had some bite wounds - likely Pebbles had been attacked by other dogs, all hungry and desperate and scavenging in the same area. Pebbles was taken in to the care of the rescuers. We are hoping you will help this sweetie with funds for vaccines, parasite treatment, and microchip so Pebbles is ready for a forever home.

Fetita (picture below) is an old soul in permanent foster care with the rescuers. She is shy but gentle. At her age, Fetita has arthritis and this fund covers her anti-inflammatory medication to help her be comfortable in her old body. Please join us in raising the funds for these innocent souls. Donate here:

Pebbles album:

Fetita album:

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Dec 22 Lucky


Meet adorable Lucky who is very lucky indeed. The sweet pup was found literally in a cemetery dumpster when she was just days old! She must have been thrown away (!) very shortly before the rescuers happened to be there and found Lucky still alive. The rescuers took her in and bottle fed the tiny baby every two hours for a long time. Lucky survived and is now a healthy 3 month old, getting ready for a forever home. Please help us raise the very modest amount (thanks to a roll over donation) she still needs for vaccines, parasite treatment, microchip, and passport so she is ready for a forever home. Donate here:

Lucky's album:

2017 - Dec 22 Tinker


Meet Tinker. This sweet boy was rescued from the streets of Romania where he was likely homeless for a long time, if not all his life. Tinker was rescued with a bad wound and was cared for by the volunteer rescuers. In addition, Tinker has limited eyesight but that doesn't stop him from loving life now that he is safe in foster care. Now that he is stable, Tinker is preparing for being ready for adoption. We are hoping you will join us in raising a modest amount for his vaccines, microchip, and parasite treatment. Please help this sweetie on the journey of rescue, donate here:

Tinker's album on Facebook:

Sunday, December 17, 2017

2017 - Dec 17 - Tezeya


Meet Tezeya. This poor sweetie was homeless in Bulgaria, most likely for all her life. She, unfortunately, was hit by a car and sustained horrible injuries. Tezeya ended up with fractures of both her back legs! Please help us raise the funds for Tezeya's surgeries so this sweetie can walk again. Contribute here:


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dec 14 2017 - RR Bob


Meet Bob. This poor pup was homeless on the streets of Romania for probably all his life. One unlucky day he was hit by a car and left for dead. Bob sustained a very severe leg injury - so bad that his photos are too graphic for social media. The rescuers were notified by a kind stranger and rushed Bob to the vet. Bob was put on IV fluids and wound treatment started immediately. The vets performed urgent surgery to help save his leg - a metal rod has been inserted to help provide stability during the healing process and he needed a skin graft to close the wound since he was missing so much of his own skin. Please join us in raising the funds for Bob's skin graft and leg surgery and giving this boy a chance at keeping his leg. Donate here:

Facebook album:

Sunday, October 29, 2017

2017 - Oct 30 - Olivia


Meet Olivia. She was found on the shoulder of a very large bridge in Bulgaria. A spot where a 2 month old blind kitten could never naturally find herself. The horrifying yet not unheard of conclusion is that she was simply tossed out of a moving car. Thankfully, Olivia was noticed by a kind stranger and the volunteer rescuers took her to a vet. It turns out she is blind and will need her eyes removed. She most likely lost her sight as a result of complications from herpes virus. We are hoping you will join us in raising the funds for Olivia's eye removal surgery:

Olivia's album:

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017 - Oct 25 - Tigger


Meet tiny Tigger. This sweet boy, no more than 5 months old, was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria. Someone probably decided Tigger was being a nuisance and kicked him very hard. Kind strangers found Tigger in much pain and contacted the rescuers. It turns out this sweetie has a serious hernia and peritonitis. He is hoping we will raise the funds for his surgery. Please consider donating today to give Tigger a chance at health and love:

Tigger's album:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017 - Oct 10 - Nina, Sepi, Feti, Fetita


Please join us in raising the funds for 4 sweet pups in Romania. Nina, Feti, and Sepi live at a Romanian cemetery. They are cared for daily by the rescuers - with shelter, food, and veterinary care. We are hoping you will help these sweeties with funds for internal and external parasites. Since they don't have a permanent indoor home due to so few people wanting to foster, the 3 pups are exposed to parasites more and thus need more protection. Your support will help with 6 month supply of medication.

Fetita is the 4th kind soul whose needs are included in this fundraiser. She is a gentle dog who in spite of starting off her life on the streets has survived to the ripe old age of 16! Fetita is in permanent foster care and needs pain medication to help with her age-related arthritis. Please consider donating any amount today:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

2017 - Oct 4 - Flossie


Meet Flossie. This sweet girl was rescued from the streets of Romania - she had been dumped inside a box with a bowl of water and some stale rice and just left near a river. Thankfully a kind person saw the pup and contacted the rescuers. Sweet Flossie was taken into a foster home and stabilized, growing and showing how loving she is. As Flossie prepares to travel to a forever home in the UK, she is in need of funds for parasite treatment, vaccines, passport, and microchip. Please donate to Flossie's modest fund today:

Flossie's album:

Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 - Sep 18 - Sparkie


Sparkie is one of the sweet pups rescued from the streets of Romania thanks to amazing volunteer rescuers. We are hoping you will help us raise the funds for his vaccines, parasite treatment, microchip, and passport prior to travel to a forever home in the UK. Let's help this sweetheart on his journey or rescue! Donate here:

2017 - Sep 18 - Sophie


Meet Sophie. This poor baby was found abandoned inside a cardboard box outside a vet clinic. It is anyone's guess how this poor baby sustained this injury. Unfortunately, Sophie's leg can't be saved and she needs to have amputation surgery. Please join us in raising the funds for this sweet baby's procedure. Let's give Sophie a chance to live and be loved! Donate here:

Sophie's complete album:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug 28 2017 - RR Noah


Meet Noah. He is a sweet boy rescued from the streets of Romania - one of the countless dogs who scavenge for food and live a life of deprivation and freezing winters. Noah is hoping you will help donate to the modest amount needed for vaccines, internal and external parasite treatment, neuter, microchip, and passport so he can be adopted to a forever family in the UK. Please contribute today:

Aug 28 2017 - Billy


Meet Billy. This sweet kitty was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. The poor soul was likely homeless all his life. When he was rescued, the vets found old leg trauma (which is likely not operable at this point), skin infection, and abnormal liver and kidney functions. We are hoping you will join us in the fight to stabilize Billy's health and give him a loving home in which to live out his golden years. Please consider donating to Billy today:

Billy's complete album:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2017 - Aug 2 - Julie8Babies


Meet today's amazing little family rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. A kind woman getting home from work noticed a dog on the side of the street who had just been hit by a car. She notified the rescuers and immediately took Julie to the vet. Poor Julie has sustained a very severe head injury and is in critical condition. While at the vet, the rescuers noticed that Julie must be nursing puppies. So they went back to the area where she was found and started searching in a nearby park. In the middle of the night, by flashlight, they heard whimpering from near a tree and some bushes. Mama Julie had dug herself a den deep under some bushes and had hidden her puppies there! She was likely out scavenging for food when she was hit. The rescuers called for back up, friends showed up with shovels since the opening wasn't wide enough for even a small person to go through. After some digging, they managed to safely get all 8 puppies out! We don't know what exactly mama's prognosis is or her treatment, the babies will definitely need to be checked out by a vet as well. Please help us get a fund started for the veterinary care of this little family:

Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 - July 14 - Svetlina


Meet tiny Svetlina. She is a little girl rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. This poor baby was found barely alive. She was quickly taken to the vet where it turns out she has severe pneumonia, pus oozing out of her nose likely due to an additional infection, and pretty much no voice at this point. This little girl is fighting for her life and she hopes you will help with funding her vet treatment with any amount you can spare. Donate here:

Complete album:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 - June 21 - Odie


This is the horrible story of Odie. Odie is a poor soul who was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria. He was probably starving and trying to look for some sustenance and a horrible person decided Odie was a nuisance. Odie was beaten with a heavy object. He sustained a horrible head injury which quickly started to necrotize. One of his ears is barely attached to his head. Odie has a broken jaw and in addition to this all, is sick with ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. We absolutely want to help this poor dog recover and have a chance at actual love and a home. Odie was just taken into care and emergency procedures started. His prognosis and full estimate of treatment cost will need to be updated but we didn't want to wait a single day before sharing his horrible ordeal and asking for your help in donating to his vet care. Please help Odie today:

Odie's album:

2017 - June 21 - Dimitar


Meet Dimitar. He is a sweet little pup, no older than a mere 1 year, who was hit by a car on the streets of Bulgaria. The poor boy was in so much pain, he couldn't even drag himself away from traffic, a kind stranger who saw what happened stood by him and contacted the rescuers. Dimitar has a badly fractured leg and will need surgery but is expected to make full recovery and be able to walk again. Please join us today in raising the funds for his surgery and rehabilitation. Donate today:

Dimitar's album:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 - June 20 - Rocky


Meet Rocky. We gave this poor guy a strong name in the hope that he is a survivor. Rocky was homeless on the streets of Bulgaria and sustained severe trauma to the head - he was likely kicked repeatedly. Rocky has brain swelling, torn eye lids, and is currently blind. The vets are hoping that as the brain swelling goes down Rocky would be able to recover at least a little of his vision. Please join us in raising the funds for the vet treatment of this poor boy and giving him a chance to be safe and loved. Donate to Rocky here:

Rocky's complete album:

Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 - June 12 - Flora, Shelby, Sarah, Angel, Tess, Nina, Szilard, Sepi, Fetita


Please join us in raising the combined funds for 9 dogs in the care of the rescuers in Romania. Sisters Shelby, Angel, and Tess were born in foster care. As they are getting ready for forever homes, they need funds for spays. Pup Flora was born on the streets to a different litter and she is ready for a spay as well. She has recovered from the skin condition the treatment of which you funded - thank you! Pup Sarah has been in foster care for a while - she is sweet but a bit more shy and there hasn't been an adopter interested in her yet. Sarah needs funds for an annual vaccine. The other 4 pups are Nina, Szilard, Sepi, and Fetita who live at a nearby cemetery and whom the rescuers take care of. There are just not enough foster home spots at this point, unfortunately, The 4 cemetery pups are due for internal and external parasite treatment so they remain healthy. Please join us in helping these 9 sweet souls by donating today.

The pups' albums:










Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017 - June 3 - Bunny


Meet tiny Bunny. He is a sweet little baby found on the streets of Bulgaria with his loving homeless mama cat. Very quickly the rescuers noticed Bunny was not walking quite right - his back legs were bending and spreading in very unusual ways as he was hobbling about. It turns out little Bunny was born with a skeletal abnormality. If left untreated, his back legs will continue to get more deformed and he will stop being able to walk at all. If surgery is done, Bunny's legs can be made functional. Even as a grown cat he will have an unusual walk but will otherwise be able to have a healthy and happy long life. Please help us raise the funds for this sweet tiny boy so he can be well and grow up to have a normal life. Donate here:

Bunny's struggle to walk:

Bunny's complete album:

Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 - May 27 - Julie, Angel, Flora


This is a modest combined fund for 3 pups rescued in Romania. Little Flora (above) developed dermatitis and in need of skin treatment and medicated shampoo. The condition is not contagious but if left untreated can spread and lead to skin infection and great discomfort. Pup Julie is a shy soul who has taken a very long time to trust the rescuers. We can only imagine what horrors she may have experienced at the hands of humans for this to be the case. Julie has mycosis - an infection for which she needs medication. Lastly, sweet Angel needs help for treatment of vaginitis -  a bacteria urinary tract infection which can affect female dogs. The three pups are hoping you will donate to their treatment and support them on their journey of rescue. Contribute here:

Flora's album:

Julie's album:

Angel's album:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 - May 20 - Souma


Meet Souma. This poor kitty is yet another homeless soul in Bulgaria who was hit by a car. The damage was so extensive, it's a miracle he was found alive! Souma has head trauma and cerebral swelling. One eye is severely damaged and he won't be able to see again. In addition, his lower jaw is fractured in two places and the roof of his mouth is cracked. And yet Souma has a will to live and does his best to show he appreciates the humans who are helping him. We believe this sweetie deserves a chance at survival and finally having a loving home. His treatment has started and we have been asked to step in and help. Please make a donation of any size to Souma's veterinary treatment. Let's give this boy a fresh start! Donate here:

Souma's complete album:

Poor Souma needed a second surgery (funded thanks to your support!) to repair the roof of his mouth which still had an open hole!

He is finally doing well and enjoying a full recovery!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2014 - Louisa

Such an amazing, amazing transformation! This is what love and rescue make possible!!! This is kitty Louisa, whom we helped a while back. She was horribly mangled and so close to losing a limb and even her life. Thanks to your support, she has been very happy in her forever home for many months. We are so thrilled for you, Louisa!

Complete album:

2014 - Sad boy

Rescued from the streets of Romania, likely used for fighting judging by his wounds. You helped fund his neuter!

2014 - Sad girl

Technically, she has owners in Romania and they are unwilling to surrender her to the rescuers. But she lives a sad and neglected life. At the very least, the rescuers obtained permission to get her spayed and she is now sterilized thanks to AAI's donors

2014 - Milo

Milo was rescued with leg trauma and his treatment was funded by your support. Thank you so much for helping this adorable boy on his journey of rescue!

Milo's full album:

2014 - Mila

Pup Mila from Serbia was rescued with horrible bite wounds. We helped with her treatment and now she is completely recovered and loving her new lease on life! Thank you for making this possible!

2014 - Nora

Nora is a small kitty rescued from the streets of Bulgaria. She was found with both her back legs badly mangled. It's anyone's guess what happened to Nora to cause such injuries. Sadly, one leg needed to be immediately amputated. The vets are fighting very hard to save Nora's other leg.

Please donate to help us fund Nora's surgeries. We don't know what her chances of survival are but we want to give her a chance to live. Donate here:

Nora's album:

2014 - Sue


Sue is a sweet doggie rescued from the streets of St. Vincent. She was living literally in a gutter and was so scared of humans that it took the rescuers 3 weeks to be able to finally safely capture her. Upon a completion of a vet exam, Sue was diagnosed with tick fever, mange, internal and external parasites. We raised the funds for her treatment!

2014 - Marky


Marky is a sweet doggie rescued in St. Vincent. Locals saw him wandering around a beach for a few days and contacted the rescuers. Upon some investigation, the rescuers learned that Marky was brought to the beach by his former owners and simply abandoned there! Marky stayed in the same area for an entire week, waiting for his family to come back for him!

Aside from being scared, confused, and very hungry, it turns out that Marky was also very sick with tick fever. It is quite possible his owners knew he was sick and dumped him exactly for that reason. Marky's blood results on admission were so bad, the vets were not sure he would pull through. Please help us raise the funds for this sweet boy's treatment. Let's give Marky a chance at a new life filled with safety and love. Donate here:

2014 - Charlie

The amazing transformation of Charlie, made possible by funds raised by AAI: Charlie was shot in the back and was found paralyzed! Your support allowed him to have life-saving surgery and now he is healthy, able to walk, and happily adopted!

Charlie's album:

2014 - Mutzi

Mutzi finally has a permanent place at the table!!! This sweet girl was rescued from the streets in December after she had been hit by a car AND it turned out she was pregnant! Thanks to AAI's support, mama Mutzi and her babies completely recovered. The babies already have homes and now Mutzi herself has been adopted! YAY!

Mutzi and the babies' album:

2014 - Charley

Charley was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria with eyes so badly infected, they had to be completely removed. Thanks to your support, she healed completely and has been happily adopted in the UK for a long time now! She is deeply loved and cared for 

2014 - Dobrica

Dobrica was rescued from the train tracks of Serbia where he had been hit by a train! The dog next to Dobrica (they must have been crossing together) was literally cut in half by the train. Thanks to funds raised by Animal Aid International. Dobrica recovered completely and is on the road to a happy life of safety and love!

2014 - Belka

Mama dog Belka was rescued in Bulgaria together with her litter of puppies when the babies were still very young and sick with parvo. The family was in horrible conditions, mama herself was sick and emaciated. With your support, AAI fought for the lives of these poor souls. We lost a couple of the pups to parvo but the rest recovered as did mama and all have been in forever homes for some time. The photo on the right is an update from Belka's forever home. The sweet mama dog is very loved and has become the best friend and protector of the family's young daughter who has a disability. Love knows no bounds. Love knows to species. Thank you, sweet mama, for being our inspiration for resilience and a pure heart.